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Lu Xiaoquan, director of Beijing Qianqian Law Firm, said most of the 1,200 legal consultation requests the firm and organization received since its establishment involved domestic violence and extramarital affairs. Lu’s firm is linked to the non-governmental women rights organization Beijing Zhongze Women Legal Aid Centre. “Some spouses grew up in a family where domestic violence was prevalent and continued the bad behavior when they grew up. The social environment was highly tolerant of domestic violence, too,” Lu said. A relationship expert in Jiayuan, who wished to remain anonymous, said domestic violence included physical action as well as lashing out emotionally and “cold violence” represented by neglect or a lack of communication. Ruby Xu, a 32-year-old health worker in Beijing who is in the process of filing for divorce, said she felt like she had been trapped in an endless nightmare. She constantly suffered from verbal abuse from her husband, whom she married just months after first meeting him. She became pregnant soon after they married but was left alone in hospital for weeks when she suffered complications that threatened the baby’s life. Domestic violence and extramarital affairs are the leading causes of divorce in China.Guang Niu/Getty Images The abuse escalated to physical a month after she give birth. Her husband usually picked on her for trivial things such as when she bought a medicine prescribed by doctor without telling him, or if she did not rush to the baby the second the infant started crying. He would get very emotional while yelling at her and started to beat her, Xu said.

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